White Riviere Labelle

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I went up to Tremblant, Quebec for a few days around Christmas. The plan was to go skiing for a few days, and bring my camera along to attempt some exciting skiing pictures, and some of those amazing landscape pictures one can only take while at the top of a mountain.

Unfortunately I arrived at Tremblant to find two problems. First, the workers on the mountain were on strike, which severely limited my opportunities to get skiing pictures. Second, there was a whiteout at the top of the mountain, making visibility virtually zero. I tried skiing down the mountain, but when the only way to tell that you need to turn in order to avoid the edge of the mountain having the pole suddenly appear out of the whiteness, skiing is no fun.

So in the end, I didn't get to take any of the pictures I wanted to take. However, instead of skiing on Christmas morning, I took a tour of the area by foot and then by car and managed to take a few pictures I'm happy with.

This is the first of those. Following the road out of our B&B, past the Ital Deli, this is part of the scenery looking right over the bridge. There's basically no shoulder on this part of the road, so I had to step into the snow enbankment, with my leg about 2 feet into the snow, then lean forward so I was resting my whole body on the railing while I took off my gloves to change lenses and tried to not get frostbite.

This is one of those pictures that didn't come out of the camera exactly as I'd imagined it. A month ago, on Christmas, I seemed to think it was important to keep some trees on the right side in the picture. Now I think it's a stronger composition to have the island as the central point. I tried to process it in order to correct this. I then worked a bit to get more texture out of the sky. The part I'm most proud of the darkened water, and then the shadow of the island on the water. *grin* Otherwise, I'm not sure about the tint, but I did not feel that the pure black and white gave the right feeling.

taken 12/25/2005 2:37pm
Nikon D70 / Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM @ 17mm
f11 / 1/125" / +0.33EV / ISO 400
PS: contrast, shadow, tint

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