The Stones

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The Stones.jpg

I find this to be a rather interesting image, mainly because of how it came to be. Sometime in late September, in a fit of emoness, I set the above message as my away message on AIM. My sister liked it and wrote it on a post-it note, which she put on her wall. I went upstate to visit her one weekend and saw it on her wall, and took a picture of it.

So it's a message that went from a song, to me, to her and then back again. What's funny is that I'm not sure if she realizes it's from a Rolling Stones song, and should not be attributed entirely to me.

As for the picture, I tried to isolate the post-it, and after doing the gaussain-blur/soft light thing to get rid of the remaining background and take care of noise a bit, sharpened it a bit to get bak the unfinished gritty feel of the wall. I'm noticing that more and more I like this type of low-key high contrast, single color imagery. We'll see where it takes me.

taken 10/02/2005 4:45pm
Nikon D70 / Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G AF-S Nikkor @ 55mm
f4.5 / 1/30" / ISO 1600
PS: contrast, colors

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