Thadingyut Light Festival

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Thadingyut Light Festival.jpg

Keeping the theme from yesterday, today's shot was taken during a celebration for the Buddhist celebration of the Thadingyut Light Festival, hosted by the SEAL club on campus. There was good food, and dancing and music performances, though I don't know exactly how the performances related with the holiday, but I've learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Buddhism.

FOr this shot I was basically in event photog mode, moving around here and there trying to capture the mood of the dance. The lighting was pretty atrocious, so I set the cam to ISO 1600, aperature priority, set at f/1.8 to isolate the girl from the background and to make up for the light, but judging by the exposure, all that was probably a little more aggressive than was needed.

Processing wise, I changed the composition slightly, as in the original as shot there was far too much space on the right, and not nearly enough on the left. Also, I started experimenting a bit with layer blending. To get rid of a bit of the noise and make it look smoother I duplicated the laer, blurred it slightly, and then set it on 'screen'. This was a technique recommended by the gy over at Chromasia, which I think worked perfectly for this image.

taken 11/20/2005 19:54pm
Nikon D70 / Nikon 50mm f/1.8D Nikkor
f1.8 / 1/1000 / ISO 1600
PS: noise, cropped, colors

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