Safety in Design

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It's often said that a good part of photography is just being in the right place at the right time, pressing the shutter at just the right moment to get just the right people with just the right expressions.

A few weeks ago I brought my parents in to the city to go to MOMA with me, where we saw the Safety in Design exhibit. There were all sorts of innovations on display of products that had been engineered with safety or security in mind. The most ineteresting part to me from a photography point of view was people's reactions to the different installations. This one exhiibition was right as you entered the exhbit, and is actually one of the few parts of the exhibit whose purpose I did not understand. As I walked past it the second time there were two women staring upwards at it, excitement on their faces, then looking at each other with their faces glowing. Obviously this meant something to them.

But my camera wasn't ready, and I missed the moment. I stood there for a few minutes, hoping someone else would come along, or when somebody did, started whipering to myself, "okay, look up. come on," as if I could will them to act exactly as the previous pair had.

Although my parents have been very supportive of my new hobby, they eventually got bored and wanted to go. Mom said, "what can I do to help?" and suddenly I had a new model. I rather like how the shot ended up, though I do wish I had been nable to press the shutter the first time.

As far as processing goes, I used the lens blur tool to isolate the subject a little more than had been the case in the out-of-camera version.

taken 12/30/2005 5:55pm
Nikon D70 / Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G AF-S Nikkor @ 22mm
f6.3 / 1/30" / ISO 1600
PS: local contrast, blurring

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