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December 30, 2005

La Petite Cacheé

La Petite Crocheé.jpg

La Petite Cacheé is French for "a small, hidden place." If you peek through some trees down the hill and around the corner from the Auberge at which I was staying, you are treated to a view of a stream that carries water from the lake at the foot of the mountain off into the distance. If you then continue to go around the corner and go onto someone's porch, you can get a better view of the mini waterfall itself. La petite cocheé indeed.

I took a picture of this with my 18-70mm lens on my first trip around the area, but just wasn't satisfied with it. I went back and took another picture with my wide angle lens. This was one of my first times taking pictures in RAW format, which turned outt to be very helpful. I've learned to overexpose slightly when taking pictures in snow, but I ended up overexposing just a bit too much, which meant that the snowy crescents turned entirely white. After spending two hours figuring out how to do it, I was able to use the RAW format to get back some of the detail. I also decided that stylistically this picture needed to be more dramatic, so did what I could at creating a void that incorporated a bit of the original, essentially using some extreme curves, contrast, and brightness changes, and cloning out the odd bit or two, or the right side. It's not perfect, but I quite like the final result.

taken 12/25/2005 15:58pm
Nikon D70 / Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM @ 10mm
f22 / 5/8" / ISO 400
PS: cropped, exp comp, colors


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